What Our Customers Say?

Floyd McCauley Jr
All the guys here are great and more than happy to ask if they can help vs ignoring someone. Needed a hose and some adapters. they had 4 of the 6.. they ordered the other 2 in about a day.. thanks for the help guys
Curt Stienstra
Tosh was very helpful. I dropped of my damaged cylinder Tuesday morning and he confirmed I needed I new rod. He guessed $325 without having the chance to inspect the state of the cylinder which I appreciated so I would have some idea of the cost (first cylinder I've had to have repaired) and also agreed to have it done by the weekend (my wife wanted some work done with the loader it came off of). Next day I got the final estimate of $285 and he said it would be ready Thursday noon. Cylinder looked great and is working great. Tosh even gave me some tips on how to properly disassemble the cylinder next time. Highly recommend!
Casey Syrek
Great group of guys! Hoses made to size and any fittings you may need!
Joel Skok
If Ed and Tosh are involved it has to be an outstanding place! I dropped off a cylinder with a leaking gland seal yesterday, can't wait for their report.
True Value Rental Of Northern Kent County
Tosh and his team go above and beyond! Fair pricing for quality work!
Jonathen MacDonald
Very awesome place. Nice, knowledgeable guys. Will definitely go back!